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Four ex-Googlers answer common SEO myths | Miracle Wanzo: Internet Entrepreneur

Four ex-Googlers answer common SEO myths

That’s a lot of webspam analysis, link scheme investigating, clickspam analysis, tool developing, policy enforcement, foosball playing, and talking to website owners, webmasters and online marketeers. That is what we love to do; to brainstorm and exchange ideas with passionate people, develop web strategies, be bold – some call it crazy – and help each other to provide even better solutions to the users.

Over the last two weeks we (Fili Wiese, Kaspar Szymanski, Jonas Weber and Ariel Lambrecht) have been hosting a series of SEO workshops in Germany, both in English and German. We’ve covered a ton of topics, like search engine compliant link enhancing strategies, technical on-page optimization, penalty recovery, and building online services focused on addressing real problems of users, that users find irresistible.

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